How do I grow my hair?

en Hello my dears girls! In this article, I will share with you some of the products that really help me to have strong and healthy hair. I experienced a little with my hair when I decided to color my hair in this method called "balayage" and it was not the most inspired idea. Then... Continue Reading →


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Victoria's Purple Moods

What colour is your mood today?

The Parallel "Me"

A space where i would be sharing a fiction about Christopher Stevens. How his life changed when he understood the realities of Parallel Universe and how he finally met "Himself". Most of us would relate to the Unexplainable experiences we come across and find the answers to it through Chris' experiences.

A year of reading the world

196 countries, countless stories...

Sfetnic Practic

Read and think first, choose later


Its a Whole New Era of COLORFUL!


Never, oh! never, nothing will die... (Alfred Tennyson)


Mindfulness, Spontaneity and Authenticity

Acasă la Fluturaş!

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Eat, Drink, Know, Go: The world according to Anthony Bourdain

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